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Harassment Training

Global and State-Specific Programsto Ensure Safety and Compliance.

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Workplace Harassment Training

Syntrio’s workplace harassment prevention courses provide a positive approach to workplace harassment issues, reinforce an affirmative workplace culture around respectful conduct, and meet state certification requirements and regulations.
Our modern, scenario-led, online training is highly interactive. It helps employees and managers understand their role in promoting a healthy workplace, preventing sexual harassment, and effectively responding to misconduct when it occurs. Our training options suit various needs and include instruction related to harassment prevention, bystander awareness, workplace relationships, bullying, discrimination, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, and more.

U.S Workplace Harassment
Developed by Expert Employment Law Attorneys

Course Version Meets all State and Federal Compliance Requirements
Learner Selection Allows an organization to roll out courses that adapt to each learner’s demographics
(manager and non-manager, state, language) and includes learner certification
Multi-State Covers state-required training to reduce the number of needed courses
45-minute version (DE, IL, ME, NY, WA manager/employee)
60-minute version (CA, Chicago employee; DE, IL, ME, NY, WA manager/employee)
120-minute version (CA, Chicago, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, WA manager/employee)
State Specific CA, CT, DE, IL and Chicago, ME, NY, WA, and all other states and territories (based on federal law)
Manager and employee versions
Non-Required States 35-minute version for non-manager
45-minute version for managers
Microlearning Modules Modules are available from the Foundation course (on demand)
Industry Industry versions are available for General Office, Healthcare, Industrial, and Hospitality

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