Syntrio is a Leader in Compliance and Human Resource Solutions

Why Syntrio? 

Modern, Fresh Training that Inspires Positive Workplace Culture and Exceeds Compliance.

In today’s landscape, keeping up with workplace concerns is overwhelming. Influencing your workforce on these issues can be even more daunting. You need a comprehensive, easy-to-implement solution compliant with state laws and requirements.

That’s Why You Need Syntrio!
Join the 6,000+ organizations that choose us for:

  • The largest and most comprehensive training library. We have 100s of interactive and engaging courses that build awareness and reinforce positive behavior.
      • Employment Law, Harassment, and Discrimination
      • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
      • Ethics & Compliance
      • Health & Safety
      • Cybersecurity
      • Business Skill
  • Fresh, Relevant Content
      • New courses every year
      • Microlearning and Ethical Snapshots
      • Manager and Learner versions
  • Easy to roll out to your entire organization 
      • Integrates with your existing learning management system or use the Syntrio LMS.
      • Customize by location, language, and industry.
      • Dedicated support representative
  • Maintaining State Compliance (year after year)
      • User-friendly dashboards to track completion and maintain compliance
      • State-specific course certification
Syntrio the Leader in Compliance and Human Resource Solutions

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