Diversity, Inclusion & You

Abstract Diversity, Inclusion and You serves as an excellent foundation for Diversity and Inclusion, complete with real-world scenarios, interactives, tips, and takeaways. The course is designed to strengthen both diversity awareness and inclusive practices within your organization. Suitable for employees and managers at any level of the organization, this course discusses how diversity affects you and the people you work with, the business case for diversity and inclusion as they affect your company’s bottom line, and the laws that surround this topic.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe what diversity means within an organizational context
  • Be able to define bias and unconscious bias
  • Identify types of unconscious bias
  • Describe impacts of unconscious bias in decisions
  • Define the importance of intent vs. impact in behaviors
  • Define and identify micro-messages
  • Describe the value of inclusion to business success

Course Versions:

Audience: All employees
Code: sks001
Time: 45 min

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