Diversity & Inclusion Training

Syntrio’s diversity and inclusion eLearning programs not only train your employees on the importance of inclusion and respect but will also drive behavioral change by cultivating a safe and respectful environment where employees are comfortable identifying, evaluating, and resolving common workplace challenges to build a winning corporate culture.

Respect among coworkers provides an important, but not complete, the foundation for a successful workplace. An organization must acquire a breadth and wealth of competencies to fulfill its promise. This begins with recruiting and hiring employees with diverse characteristics, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

In order to realize the greatest competitive advantage and retain the most qualified employees, companies must make an effort to ensure that a diverse population of employees is fully represented and that a culture of inclusion and respect is promoted and maintained.

It continues by harnessing this diversity by actively involving employees in efforts to envision, develop, and promote successful solutions.

These efforts at diversity and inclusion ensure that the organization benefits from a broad base of ideas and solutions that best serve customers and address other stakeholder expectations.

Our goal is to help organizations not only realize the importance of inclusion but also affect change in the workplace culture for the better.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Programs

View samples of some of our diversity & inclusion courses available.

Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success
This course provides an overview of key elements of promoting workplace diversity and inclusion.
8 min | Core
4 min | Summary

Valuing Diversity
This course discusses the advantages and pitfalls of working in and managing a diverse workforce. It also offers strategies to help managers recognize and value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees.
45 min | Manager
45 min | Employee
30 min | Government Contractors

Civil and Respectful Workplace
This course overviews a civil and respectful workplace, the benefits that can accrue from it or the consequences when failing to maintain it, and the conditions and behaviors that compromise or support such a workplace.
32 or 10 min | Manager
25 or 8 min | Employee
4 min | Summary

Diversity & Inclusion – Training programs designed to fit your organization.

Manage Risk

Our diversity and inclusion training addresses the risk of liability to both the organization and the manager if they fail to stop intentional or unintentional disrespectful behavior or personally engage in it.

Empower Culture

Our diversity and inclusion training helps employees recognize and value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees.

Accelerate Performance

Our diversity and inclusion training helps employees foster a culture of inclusion to prevent the negative impacts of bullying, threatening or abusive behaviors.

Recent Blog Posts

Our recent webinars focused on the current challenges and organizational solutions in diversity and inclusion and one main takeaway is that this is not a topic that fits neatly into a 60min webinar format. Join us in continuing the conversation where our speakers answer some of the many questions that were asked.

Knowing about, honoring, and protecting religiously held beliefs and related practice serves us all regardless of our faith.

The combined organization will help more companies build and implement effective Diversity and Inclusion programs and cultivate an inclusive ethical culture during these unprecedented times of social change.

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