Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Communication Tools

These tools, available in various forms, act as a great supplement to current or previous formal training. These tools are often used to reinforce lessons from training while focusing on action and behavior to build employees’ knowledge and skills at promoting a diverse, inclusive workplace.

This Month in Diversity:

Motion graphics video files sent monthly that highlight DE&I issues throughout the year.

Duration: ~10 minutes each
Code: sksm-021


  • Jan: Bias Awareness Month
  • Feb: Black History Month in the U.S.
  • Mar: Women’s History Month in the U.S.
  • Apr: Generational Differences
  • May: Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Jun: LGBTQ+ Pride Month
  • Jul: Gender Identity
  • Aug: Culture
  • Sep: Hispanic Heritage
  • Oct: National Disability Employment Awareness
  • Nov: Native American History
  • Dec: The Holiday Season

A Year of Inclusion:

Subscribers will have access to daily multi-media video tips for appreciating a diverse workforce, practicing inclusive behavior, and leveraging the
strengths of coworkers to maximize efficiency and productivity for the organization.

Duration: ~2 minutes each
Code: sksm-022

Conversation Starters:

Conversation Starters Eight well-written conversations that your leaders can have with their direct reports to keep the dialogue about inclusion going! Accompanying these conversations are PowerPoint Presentations containing eye-opening exercises, compelling video, and answers to “tough questions.”

Code: sksy-022

  • Culture
  • Disabilities
  • Gender
  • Generations
  • Micro-Messages
  • Religion
  • Veterans

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