Workplace Life Jacket Series

Don’t drown in a messy and unproductive environment. Discover a variety of tips and techniques to stay sane, organized and productive in the workplace. This 17-minute series was developed to help you keep a positive workplace vibe.

  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance
  • Tips to Increase Productivity
  • 8 Tips to Control Your Email
  • Tips to Remain Sane
  • Tips for an Organized Workspace

Course Versions:

7 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

This course explores the signs that you need to improve your work-life balance and provides the seven tips for improving it.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15421
Time: 4 min

Tips to Increase Productivity

This course explores what to do when your productivity is dropping due to overwork, including how best to ask for help or delegate tasks.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15419
Time: 4 min

8 Tips to Control Your Email

This course explores why email management is important and offers tips to better manage your email.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15422
Time: 4 min

Tips to Remain Sane

This course explores ways to manage stress and stay sane, recognizing the benefits of taking breaks from work for “me” time

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15418
Time: 4 min

Tips for an Organized Workspace

This course explores the costs of a cluttered workspace and how to take immediate steps to begin decluttering and maintaining an organized workspace.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15420
Time: 4 min

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