Sales Series

Sales is an essential function no matter the business. This 20-minute series covers sales basics.

  • Attitude Is Everything
  • Boost Your Selling Power
  • Create Sales Proposals
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Set Goals and Manage Time
  • Tips for Successful Sales

Course Versions:

Attitude Is Everything

This course explores why a positive attitude is so important in sales and offers tips for adjusting your attitude to be more positive.

Code: pls15435
Time: 2 min

Qualifying Prospects

This course explores why qualifying prospects is an important part of the sales process and what you should do once you qualify a prospect.

Code: pls15436
Time: 3 min

Boost Your Selling Power

This course explores the key questions to make sure you know what you are selling and why.

Code: pls15434
Time: 3 min

Set Goals and Manage Time

This course explores what a Sales Activity Plan is and what it contains.

Code: pls15437
Time: 3 min

Create Sales Proposals

This course explores why customizing your proposals is important to closing sales and why options and outcomes are critical elements of your proposal.

Code: pls15439
Time: 3 min

Tips for Successful Sales

This course provides tips for successful sales meetings and explores specific actions you can take to move a prospect forward.

Code: pls15433
Time: 3 min

Overcoming Objections

This course explores different ways to counter the most common objections that sales associates encounter.

Code: pls15438
Time: 3 min

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