Negotiation: Your Road to Success

Take a moment to consider how often you consciously or unconsciously try to reach agreement or settle dispute with other people. All of us negotiate dozens, if not hundreds, of time a day. Who’s taking out the garage? Who is walking the dog? Who is minding the children? What would make you happy? How can we enjoy a vacation if you’re always working? What TV program should we watch? All of these situations, and more, involve working with others to reach (or fail to reach) a mutually workable solution. This course explores how to become a more proficient negotiator using a win-win approach. Further, it provides the characteristics of a successful negotiator and the six steps of every negotiation.


  • Identify the importance of negotiation to business success.
  • Indicate ways to become a successful negotiator.
  • Define a “win-win” situation.
  • Indicate what makes a successful negotiator.
  • List the six steps of every negotiation.
  • Indicate how accommodation may lead to a successful negotiation.
  • List different approaches to negotiation.


  • Negotiating
  • Becoming a successful negotiator
  • Win-win
  • Accommodation
  • Avoidance
  • Competing
  • Collaborative

DURATION: 45 minutes
AUDIENCE: All employees

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