Meeting the Delegation Challenge

Managers have a number of important responsibilities. They manage projects and workers. They need to achieve leadership goals. They must lead individuals and teams through change and conflict. They organize work and delegate tasks. They comply with company rules, policies, and procedures. They create what hopefully is a respectful and civil work environment. This course explores the many roles and responsibilities a modernday manager must take on board, from the more traditional planning and organizing to intangibles such as leading and coaching.

Course Objectives:

  • Define a manager’s role and responsibilities as a leader.
  • Indicate the challenges of a first-time manager.
  • Identify tasks common to a manager.
  • List the core skills of a successful manager.
  • Identify ways for managers to conduct productive meetings.
  • Indicate how best a manager can manage him- or herself.

Course Versions:

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: sprod196
Time: 45 min

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