Manager’s Toolbox Series

As a manager, focus should be spent on building a successful team, which is explored in this 32-minute series. Add some additional tools to your toolbox in order to further build your management skills.

  • Employee Termination Checklist
  • Background Checks
  • Understanding Employee Privacy
  • Time Management and Your Team
  • Interviewing Checklist
  • Building an Engaged Team
  • Building an Engaged Organization
  • The Power of Positive Language
  • Modeling Engagement Behaviors

Course Versions:

Employee Termination Checklist

Explore the five key elements of employee termination to protect you and your organization. Gain insight into what you can do before a justified termination to reduce emotional distress and unintended consequences.

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: pls15020
Time: 2 min

Battling a Toxic Environment

This course describes how to recognize a toxic environment, examines five strategies for battling a toxic environment, and it explains what you can learn from a toxic environment.

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Time: 4 min

Background Checks

This course explores the different types of background checks, their benefits, and requirements in order to conduct them.

Code: pls15028

Time: 3 min

Building an Engaged Team

This course explores the concept of team engagement, the cost of low team engagement, and what steps to take to increase engagement.

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: pls15414
Time: 4 min

Understanding Employee Privacy

Do you know when the employee’s right to privacy begins and ends? This course examines the three determinations of invasion of privacy per the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As a manager, this knowledge could prevent uncomfortable gray areas or legal action regarding employee privacy.

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: pls15047
Time: 3 min

Time Management and Your Team

Do you know how to effectively prioritize and time manage your team effectively? In this course, explore how to do so by the use of some quick tips and tricks, resulting in the overall productivity of your team. 

Code: pls15085
Time: 3 min

The Power of Positive Language

This course explores the benefits of using positive language, examples of positiv3e language, and why changing your patterns to positive language is difficult but essential to successful communication. 

Code: pls15416
Time: 2 min

Modeling Engagement Behaviors

This course explores the benefits of modeling engagement behaviors, guidelines for engaging employees, and possible actions that both increase and decrease engagement.

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: pls15417
Time: 3 min

Interviewing Checklist

This course explores how an interview checklist can help protect an organization if part of the hiring process is questioned or if a lawsuit is filed. It’s not fun to think about, but it is important to document your fair, legal process.

Code: pls15115
Time: 4 min

Building an Engagement Organization 

This course explores elements of team engagement and questions to asses the level of engagement in your group. 

Code: pls15415
Time: 4 min

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