Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Toolbox Series

Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capability of a person to manage and control his or her emotions and possess the ability to understand
and control the emotions of others as well. EQ is often described by its five main elements: awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. This 15-minute series covers each of these elements and more.

Course Versions:

Becoming Socially Aware

Do you inspire others and recognize their accomplishments? This course explores the difference between optimistic or pessimistic approach to managing in the workplace. Then it offers practical ways to cultivate an optimistic approach with employees for a more motivated and encouraging work environment.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15077
Time: 4 min

How to Be More Self-Aware

Do you practice self-awareness? In this short course, you will explore what self-awareness is, its impact on the workplace, how to assess yourself, and what you can do to practice self-awareness in and out of the workplace.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15075
Time: 4 min

How to Express Empathy

Do you empathize with your colleagues and coworkers? This course presents seven, empathy-developing tips to avoid mistakes with employee development and coaching.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15078
Time: 4 min

Managing Your Relationships

Do you connect with people and understand your influence over others? This course offers insight into the cost of mismanaged relationships and low EQ before exploring what an emotionally intelligent person looks like.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15076
Time: 4 min

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