Change Management Series

Preparing and managing change effectively is an asset for all managers and supervisors. There will come a time when you will be affected by the change and the one who announces that change. This 18-minute series will take you through multiple steps in the change process, such as how to prepare for change, working through change, and analyzing your change management plan.

  • An Introduction
  • Preparing for Change
  • Analysis
  • Making the Announcement
  • After the Announcement
  • The Phases of Change
  • Working Through the Change
  • Creating Employee Excitement

Course Versions:

An Introduction

This course provides key facts about change and the key activities of change management. It’s a good place to start your change management training.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15423
Time: 2 min

The Phases of Change

This course explores the emotions and activities that employees may express during times of change, and actions that managers can take to address different employee reactions.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15424
Time: 3 min

Preparing for Change

This course explores why preparing for change is so important, it also presents the stages of the ADKAR model of change.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15425
Time: 3 min

Working Through the Change

This course explores how to transition employees from resistance to acceptance. It also offers tips on how to build acceptance with employees.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15428
Time: 2 min


In this course, learn to apply the ADKAR change model to analyze your change management plan.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15429
Time: 3 min

Creating Employee Excitement

In this lesson, learn ways to maintain employee morale and engagement during a change effort and how to gather feedback.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15430
Time: 2 min

Making the Announcement

This course provides tips for setting the right tone during a change announcement and transition.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15426
Time: 3 min

After the Announcement

This course explores why it is important to confront resistance after announcing a change. It also provides tips for listening and responding to change-resistant employees.

Audience: All employees
Code: pls15427
Time: 3 min

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