A Manager’s Many Roles

Many managers believe their only role is managing resources. Yet, whether they know it or now, a manager’s role changes daily, hourly; sometimes minute by minute. One moment, the manager is involved in planning project milestones, tasks, or assignments. Another moment, the manager is organizing workgroups or teams. Other times a manager needs to be the leader, coach, and monitor. Each role comes with its own set of responsibilities and

Many of the roles are overlapping and interrelated. Success in one area often spurs effectiveness in others. No one role is more important than another because it’s the effective combination that is at the heart of good management. This course explores the five critical roles and how best to maximize each one on behalf of the manager, his or her workgroup, and organization.

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Audience: New and existing managers & supervisors
Code: sprod224
Time: 20 min

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