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Our comprehensive solution promotes and strengthens a diverse and inclusive workplace. We can help you along your journey, whether the focus is first to enlist leadership in the launch, the relaunch of a DE&I initiative, or to engage your workforce through a broad-based training and communications program.

Employment Law & Harassment

Meal & Rest Break Training
Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Wage & Hour Basics
Avoiding Wrongful Termination
Employee Discipline

Employment Discrimination: Maintaining a Fair Workplace
Employment Discrimination: Sex
Employment Discrimination: Race, Color, and National Origin
Employment Discrimination: Religion
Employment Discrimination: Age
Employment Discrimination: Disability
Employment Discrimination: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Creating a Bully-Free Workplace

Festival Time
The Job Interview
Up or Out
Unpleasant News
An Open Position

US Workplace Harassment 5th Edition
Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Preventing Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to a Respectful Work Culture
California Preventing Workplace Harassment
Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
Delaware Preventing Sexual Harassment
Illinois Preventing Sexual Workplace Harassment
Maine Preventing Sexual Harassment
New York Preventing Sexual Harassment
Campus Aware: Sexual Violence Prevention
Harassment: Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities
Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Federal Agencies
Multi-Jurisdiction Preventing Workplace Harassment

The Viral Email
Jack and Dani Went Up a Hill
Third-Party Harassment
Making a Complaint
Making a Complaint 2
The Panda
Talking Sports
Unexpected Consequences
An Open Position
Workplace Disrespect?
A Very Important Client
A Very Important Client (B)
A Very Important Client (C)
Social Tony
Too Close for Comfort (A)
Too Close for Comfort (B)
Workplace Harassment
Sexual Harassment

Legal Aspects of Interviewing and Hiring

Preventing Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace

Rocking the Boat

Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Valuing Diversity

The Value of Diversity

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Manager Diversity and Grow

Introduction to Workplace Diversity

Introduction to Workplace Equity

Introduction to Workplace Inclusion

Introduction to Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employee Essentials

Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success

Sensitivity to Racial Identity

Sensitivity to Social Identity

Supporting Racial Identity Justice and Equality in the Workplace

Supporting Social Identity Justice and Equality in the Workplace

An Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Understanding Bias and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Micro-Behaviors and Other Messages

DE&I in Conversations

Empathy and Allyship

Respect: Overview

Racial Injustice & Inequality: The Time is Now

Social and Political Issues at Work

Workplace Diversity: Beyond the Numbers

Workplace Inclusion: Two Workplaces

Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (A) The Challenge

Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (B) Pay Attention

Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (C) Educate Yourself

Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (D) Take Action

Duration: 1:11 min | Code: seng246m

Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (A) The Challenge

Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (B) Pay Attention

Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (C) Educate Yourself

Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (D) Take Action

Ethics & Compliance

Bribery: Recognizing and Avoiding Improper Business Incentives

Gifts and Entertainment

Gifts, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Ethics and Code of Conduct

Ethics and Code of Conduct for Colleges and Universities

Ethics and Code of Conduct for Government Contractors

Syntrio FlexCode

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest: Properly Managing Work and Personal Interests

Avoiding Antitrust Violations

Business Fraud: Avoiding Deceptive Business Practices

Fair Competition: Maintaining Proper Marketplace Practices

Anti-Money Laundering

Financial Integrity: Ensuring that Numbers Tell the Truth


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain

Avoiding Insider Trading Risk

Inside Information and Insider Trading: Building Trust with the Marketplace

Properly Managing Cross-Border Business

Introduction to Export Compliance

California Consumer Privacy Act: Responsibly Managing Personal Information

Data Privacy: Managing the Security and Proper Use of Personal Information

Employee Privacy: Balancing a Manager’s Right to Know

U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Working with Third Parties: Partnering Responsibly for Shared Advantage

Business Resources: Responsibly Managing an Organization’s Assets

A Civil and Respectful Workplace: Building a Strong, Affirmative Culture

Business Ethics: Sustaining a Responsible Organization

Employee Core Competencies: Addressing Ethics & Compliance at Work

Manager Core Competencies: Managing Ethics & Compliance at Work

Responding to Ethics Complaints

Non-Public Information: Carefully Handling a Critical Business Resource

Resolving Ethical Issues

Social Media at Work

Speak Up! Doing Right by Raising Concerns

Troublesome Tony

Gifts and Entertainment

Always Generous Anna

Fair Play

Improper Payments

Cindy’s Confidential Project

Shipping Strife

Oscar’s Busy Day

Network Down


The Transparency Test

No One Will Notice

John’s Dilemma

Tina’s Dilemma

Working for Leon

Designer Sister

Improper Payments

Leaving Early

An Invitation

A Pen in the Hand

A Thank You Gift

The Party List

Closing the Deal

Importance of Speaking Up

Reporting Concerns

How to Report Concerns

Social & Political Issues at Work

Speak Up!


Avoiding Phishing Message Threats

Anti-Phishing Essentials

Avoiding Spear Phishing Threats

Browsing the Web Securely

Cyber Security Basics

Cyber Security: Securing Technology from Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security at Home

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security for Kids

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security on the Go

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Essentials

Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

Safeguarding Your Office Network

Introduction to PCI DSS

PCI DSS Introduction (Essentials)

PCI DSS For Retail

Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

Leading a Secure Organization

Leading a Secure Organization: Your Data and Devices

Leading a Secure Organization: Organizational Cyber Risk

Leading a Secure Organization: The Human Firewall

Safe Social Networking

Securing Information at the Office

Securing Information During Travel

Securing Information in the Cloud

Securing Your Mobile Devices

Securing Your Work at Home

Setting Up a Secure Password

Working Securely in Public Places

Securing Your Work at Home

Security Awareness Essentials Challenge

Security Awareness Challenge: Challenge for Education

Security Short: Individual Responsibility

Security Short: Insider Threat

Security Short: Phishing Emails

Security Short: Ransomware

Security Short: Smishing

Security Short: Social Engineering in Social Networking

Security Short: Social Media

Security Short: The Human Firewall

Security Short: Vishing

Business Skills

An Introduction to Effective Leadership

Leaders Learning: How Not to Manage

Leaders Working with Leaders: Building Your Team

Understanding Power, Influence, and Leadership

What Every Leader Needs

What Makes a Leader?

Dealing with Anger and Emotions: Quick Tips

The Basics of Emotional Intelligence

Budgeting: How to Budget Expenses

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Toolbox Series

  • Becoming Socially Aware
  • How to Be More Self-Aware
  • How to Express Empathy
  • Managing Your Relationships

Goal Setting in the Workplace

Critical Thinking: Asking Effective Questions

Six-Step Process to Problem-Solving

Strategic Planning: A Definition

Control Your Workday: 9 Good Time Management Tips

Handling Stress

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

It’s About Time

Managing Information Overload

The Time of Your Life

Understanding Stress

Workplace Life Jacket Series

  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance
  • Tips to Increase Productivity
  • 8 Tips to Control Your Email
  • Time to Remain Sane
  • Tips for an Organized Workspace

Accountability Series

  • What is Accountability?
  • Ask Better Questions – Get Better Answers
  • 3-Step Formula to Setting Clear Expectations
  • The Secret to Help Your Team Get Better- Faster
  • 4 Barriers to Building a Culture of Accountability
  • Turn Your Team into Problem Solvers

Effective Delegation Skills

Tips for Effective Delegation

Meeting the Delegation Challenge

Change Management Series

  • An Introduction
  • The Phases of Change
  • Preparing for Change
  • Working Through the Change
  • Analysis
  • Creating Employee Excitement
  • Making the Announcement
  • After the Announcement

Working Remotely Series

  • Communications for Remote Workers
  • Hiring Remote Employees
  • Introduction to. Working. Remotely
  • Work Habits for Remote Employees
  • Supervising Remote Employees
  • Connecting with Remote Employees
  • Onboarding Remote Employees
  • Developing Remote Employees
  • Introduction to Managing Remote Employees

Leader’s Toolbox: The Change Environment

A Coach’s Guide to Embracing Leadership Styles

A Coach’s Guide to Feedback

Adapting Your Coaching Style

An Introduction to Coaching

Coaching with a Process

Leading a High-Performance Team

Managing Conflict: A Collaborative Approach

Mentoring: The What and the Why

What Every Mentor Needs

Going from Coworker to Boss

A Manager’s Core Skills

A Manager’s Many Roles

Manager’s Toolbox Series

  • Employee Termination Checklist
  • Battling a Toxic Environment
  • Background Checks
  • Building an Engaged Team
  • Understanding Employee Privacy
  • Time Management and Your Team
  • The Power of Positive Language
  • Modeling Engagement Behaviors
  • Building an Engaged Organization
  • Interviewing Checklist

Conducting a Performance Review with a Poor Performer

Effective Performance Reviews: Self-Assessment

Manager’s Guide to Employee Performance Improvement

Maximizing Employee Performance

Performance Gap Series

  • Solve Performance Gaps: When They Won’t Do It
  • A Diagram for Success: Find the Right Solution to Improve Performance
  • Got Gaps? Discover the Real Reason for Performance Gaps
  • Undercover What You Don’t Know About Your Team’s Performance Gaps
  • Setting Clear Expectations: What You Say & What They Hear
  • Solve Performance Gaps: When They Can’t Do It
  • Performance Reviews: 7 Steps to Prepare

Retaining Distressed Employees

The Secret to Employee Motivation

The Why Behind Poor Performance

Handling Conflict: An Employees’ Guide

Introduction to Negotiation

Manage Yourself in the Midst of Conflict

Managing Conflict in Special Circumstances

Lose the Meeting Blues

Managing Conflict Step by Step

Styles of Negotiation

Negotiation: Your Road to Success

Participating in a High-Performance Team

The Truth About Conflict

Are You Really Listening?

Create Your Own Memory Hooks

Foundations of Assertive Communication

Generational Differences

How to Be Assertive – Not Aggressive

Making Your Point

Powerful Listening Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills

The Art of Nonverbal Communication

The Secret to Effective Communication

Vocabulary Retention Tips and Tricks

Your Body is Talking: What Is It Saying?

Grammar Guide Series

  • Abbreviations
  • Common Error
  • Parentheses
  • Adjectives
  • End Punctuation
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Active & Passive Verbs
  • Indefinite Pronouns
  • Plural Nouns
  • Adverbs
  • Interrogative Pronouns
  • Quotation Marks
  • Apostrophes
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Regular Verbs
  • Colons & Semicolons
  • Misused Words
  • Sentence & Paragraphs
  • Commas

The Effective Business Writer

Write Effective and Appropriate Emails

Effective Use of Email in the Workplace

1:1 Customer Service Success

A Customer Complains: Now What?

Delivering a Powerful Customer Experience

Turning Around an Angry Customer

Effective Business Proposals

Sell for Success: What You Need to Know About Selling

Sales Series

  • Attitude is Everything
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Set Goals and Manage Time
  • Boost Your Selling Power
  • Create Sales Proposals
  • Tips for Successful Sales
  • Overcoming Objections

Health & Safety

Chemical Hazard Communication

Defensive Driving
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Classification
Hazardous Materials Transportation: General Awareness
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Loading and Unloading
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Marking, Labeling, and Placarding
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Packaging
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Shipping Papers
DOT: Marking, Labeling, and Placarding Conduct
DOT: Loading and Unloading

Controlling Workplace Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

HIPAA and Patient Care: Foundation
HIPAA and Patient Care: Foundation Overview
HIPAA and Patient Care: Introduction
HIPAA and Patient Care: Protected Health Information
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Privacy Rule
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Security Rule
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Breach Notification Rule
An Introduction to HIPAA
HIPAA Compliance: Background Information
HIPAA Compliance: The Minimum Requirements
HIPAA Compliance: PHI Disclosure
HIPAA: What Health and Human Services Requires

Confined Spaces
Hazardous Energy Control
Powered Industrial Truck Safety (Forklift Safety)
Personal Protective Equipment: Foot
Personal Protective Equipment: General Awareness
Personal Protective Equipment: Hand & Arm Protection
Personal Protective Equipment: Head Protection
Personal Protective Equipment: Eye & Face
Back Injury Prevention
HAZCOM: What’s New with OSHA?
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – Labeling Protocol
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – Material Safety Data Sheet
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – What You Need to Know

Hazardous Energy Control
COVID-19 and Return to Work
Electrical Safety Awareness
Ergonet: A Training Guide for Healthy Office Work
Fall Protection
Fire Extinguisher Safety
Hearing Conversation: Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss
Introduction to Accident Investigation
Ladder Safety
Managing Workplace Safety and Health
Preventing Workplace Violence
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
Respiratory Protection
Workplace Intruder: Smart Preparation for Personal Safety
A Manager’s Guide to Safety in the Workplace
Create an Ergonomic Workstation
Ergonomic Risk Factors
Ergonomics for Managers
Stretching in the Workplace
Understanding Ergonomic Design
Warehouse Ergonomics
Recognize Eye. Strain
Reduce Eye Strain
Safety Toolbox: What You Need to Know About Emergency Exits
Safety Toolbox: Driving in Poor Conditions
Safety Toolbox: Driving Defensively
Safety Toolbox: The Safe Use of Aerial Lifts

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