DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation: General Awareness

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates all modes of transportation in the U.S. including highway, rail, air, and water and is especially concerned with hazardous materials. As part of its regulations, DOT requires general awareness training for all HAZMAT employees. This course provides a general overview of hazardous materials transportation and provides a foundation for more detailed job-specific training for HAZMAT employees. After taking this course, employees will be able to recognize DOT hazard classes and packing groups, identify containers certified for hazardous materials shipment, interpret DOT container markings, labels and placards, recognize critical information on shipping papers and recognize safe and unsafe loading and unloading procedures. General awareness of DOT regulatory scheme, sections from 49 CFR 171.180, (172.704) (172.101)

DURATION: 60 minutes
AUDIENCE: Employees involved in the transport of hazardous materials

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