COVID-19 and Return to Work

As the United States reopens certain social, commercial, and business activities following the COVID-19 quarantine, the risk remains of continued exposure to the coronavirus. Businesses want to ensure the health and safety of their staffs. In response, the US federal government and many states have established training requirements and recommendations to help protect employees from further virus exposure and contagion. This course overviews the health and safety practices that will help businesses to meet state training requirements and protect employees.

Course Objectives:

  • Know what COVID-19 virus is and how it spreads
  • Know the symptoms that may indicate illness due to the virus
  • Understand steps you can take to limit exposure to the virus and avoid spreading it to others
  • Know procedures to help keep the workplace safe from the virus
  • Recognize the importance of raising health and safety concerns specific to the spread of the virus

Course Versions:

Audience: All employees
Code: shfs233
Time: 20 min

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