Speak Up! Doing Right by Raising Concerns

A strong ethical culture requires that all staff are comfortable with raising concerns and managers are skilled with effectively receiving and responding to these concerns. This employee foundation two-module course covers the importance of a “speak up” workplace culture where everyone is committed and encouraged to raise concerns about questionable conduct. It also addresses how learners can effectively speak up to increase the chances for a concern to be understood.

Course Objectives:

Speak Up! Doing Right by Raising Concerns (Managers)

  • Indicate a manager’s role in creating a “speak up” culture and non-retaliatory/bullying environment for those employees who raise concerns.
  • Describe how to listen to an employee’s concern and demonstrate appreciation for their raising it.
  • List how to follow up on the concern and keep the employee informed according to the organization’s policy.
  • Provide examples how leadership can promote a “speak up” culture.

Speak Up! Doing Right by Raising Concerns (Employees)

  • Describe the importance of a “speak up” culture where all staff is comfortable raising concerns.
  • Identify effective ways to raise a concern so that it’s clearly understood.
  • Indicate what retaliation and bullying are and our organization’s intolerance of retaliation for individuals who raise concerns.

Course Versions:

Course Demo Sample

Audience: All employees
Code: sefg325
Time: 20 min 

Mini-Module A
Audience: All employees
Code: selg325a
Time: 8 min 

Mini-Module B
Audience: All employees
Code: selg325b
Time: 10 min 

Mini-Module D
Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: selg325d
Time: 8 min 

Mini-Module C
Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: selg325c
Time: 10 min 

Audience: Managers & supervisors
Code: sefg325m
Time: 35 min 

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