Social Media at Work

The rise of social media has impacted society and culture, including the workplace, in profound ways. By revolutionizing the way people communicate and socialize, social media offers many opportunities and benefits to individuals and to organizations. It also raises many challenging ethical and legal issues, including the use of business resources, conflicts among personal, professional, and business interests, and other questionable posts. Practical guidance can help individuals to manage these risks.

Course Objectives:

  • List the benefits of social media in society
  • Define the risks of social media as a communications tool
  • Identify how social media can affect the use of business resources
  • Identify how social media can involve the misuse of intellectual property
  • Identify how social media can lead to conflicts of interest among personal, professional, and employment responsibilities
  • Identity the types of questionable posts that can be put onto social media and the risks they create

Course Versions:

Audience: All staff
Code: scfg324
Time: 8 min

Audience: All staff
Code: sccg324
Time: 8 min

Audience: All staff
Code: scsg324
Time: 5 min

Focus A: Introduction
Audience: All staff
Code: sclg324a
Time: 10 min

Focus B: Use of Business Resources
Audience: All staff
Code: sclg324b
Time: 10 min

Focus C: Conflicts & Questionable Posts
Audience: All staff
Code: sclg324c
Time: 10 min

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