A Civil and Respectful Workplace: Building a Strong, Affirmative Culture

A civil and respectful workplace involves a work environment where employees get along with one another and act appropriately toward coworkers, vendors, business partners, and customers according to positive norms of behavior. Workplace civility goes beyond a positive attitude. It involves affirmative gestures of respect, dignity, courtesy, or kindness. In respectful workplaces, individuals demonstrate consideration for others, including their privacy, physical space, belongings, different viewpoints, physical ability, beliefs, and personality. Here, employees notice and welcome the value that others offer and demonstrate positive opinions of and admiration for others’ character and ideas. This course explores what constitutes a civil and respectful workplace, what behaviors promote or compromise it, and how to take personal responsibility to foster and maintain it.

DURATION: 30 min, 27 min, 11 min, 9 min
AUDIENCE: All employees, managers & supervisors

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