Your company is unique.
Your Code of Conduct is one-of-a-kind.
Why isn’t your training?

An organization’s Code of Conduct is a keystone for driving responsible actions that align with organizational goals and other expectations of proper conduct, all while minimizing risk.

Syntrio’s FlexCode gives ethics and compliance professionals maximum flexibility in configuring meaningful, behavior-changing Code of Conduct training, coordinated with the organization’s specific risk areas.

FlexCode’s multi-faceted approach raises the bar on Code of Conduct education. It’s structure, content, instructional and visual design work together to:

  • Promote understanding of and commitment to an organization’s
    core tenets.
  • Augment the Code of Conduct’s key principles.
  • More deeply engage employees in learning.
  • Build competencies that support better recognition, evaluation and
    resolution of ethics issues.
  • Encourage employees’ efforts toward more aspirational conduct.

FlexCode Structure

Maximum flexibility to configure meaningful, behavior-changing Code of Conduct training, aligned with your company’s risk areas.

Select the topics that you want to provide to your employees.


Topic modules are available microlearning form to provide employees with the level of detail needed.


Edit portions of the course content and ‘look and feel’ to resonate with your employees.

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