California Consumer Privacy Act:
Responsibly Managing Personal Information

Given the growing speed, capacity and uses of new technologies in collecting and processing personal information, this course addresses challenges that businesses face in complying with emerging data privacy standards. It addresses the types of businesses that must comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), consumer rights regarding personal information pertaining to them, and steps businesses must take to comply with these rights and related standards, such as working with vendors and other third-parties.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand whether the CCPA applies to a specific business.
  • Know the rights of California consumers regarding personal information about them.
  • Understand how businesses that collect or use this information must handle this information and respond to consumer inquiries regarding it,
  • Understand related compliance requirements when sharing personal information with vendors and other third parties.

Course Versions:

Audience: All employees
Code: scfg328
Time: 20 min

Audience: All employees
Code: sccg328
Time: 10 min

Audience: All employees
Code: scsg328
Time: 5 min

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