Workplace Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to a Respectful Work Culture

Harassment and bullying threaten a respectful workplace, including the effect on targeted individuals, coworkers, the work environment, and the organization. This course’s focus is quid pro quo sexual harassment, hostile environment harassment, and bullying. It provides instruction on ways that individuals can help prevent harassment and bullying or respond to this conduct if it occurs. It also addresses retaliation against individuals who report improper conduct or assist in an investigation.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify quid pro quo harassment, hostile environment harassment, or bullying when it arises.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the effects of harassment and bullying in the workplace and the benefits of a harassment-free and bullying-free workplace.
  • Indicate how best to respond when observing suspected harassment or bullying.
  • Indicate how to recognize retaliation when it occurs and how to avoid it in one’s behavior.
  • Indicate how best to avoid actions that may suggest retaliation for reports of harassment or bullying.

Course Versions:

Audience: All managers & supervisors
Code: scfg327m
Healthcare Vertical: hc_scfg327m
Time: 30 min

Audience: All managers & supervisors
Code: sccg327m
Healthcare Industry: hc_sccg327m
Time: 11 min

Audience: All employees
Code: scfg327
Healthcare Industry: hc_scfg327
Time: 27 min

Audience: All employees
Code: sccg327
Healthcare Industry: hc_ sccg327
Time: 9 min

Audience: All employees
Code: scsg327
Healthcare Industry: hc_scsg327
Time: 5 min

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