Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities

This course teaches faculty and staff managers and supervisors about the human characteristics that are protected by antidiscrimination laws and the type of conduct related to the “protected classes” that can lead to a claim of unlawful harassment. It offers strategies for preventing unlawful harassment and teaches faculty and staff managers how to respond appropriately when they learn of it. It also discusses the risk of liability to both the institution and a manager if he or she fails to stop harassment or personally engages in harassing behavior.

Regulations: Title VII of the City Rights Act of 1984 | Federal Protected Classes of Discrimination Title IX

Course Versions:

Audience: Faculty, staff managers, and supervisors in colleges and universities
Code: scomp106
Time: 45 min

Audience: All employees in colleges and universities
Code: scomp107
Time: 30 min

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