Campus Aware: Sexual Violence Prevention

Domestic, dating, and sexual violence are problems on many college campuses. It is estimated that 1 in 5 college females will experience some form of sexual abuse during her college career. Men can also be victims. More often than not, sexual assault is perpetrated by someone known to the victim. This program is intended to raise awareness of these issues and help reduce incidence of violence within the campus community. Designed to meet the mandatory training requirements of the Campus SaVE Act (Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act) and address Title IX concerns, it discusses important subjects including sexual harassment and violence, concepts of consent, and bystander intervention and instructs members o f the campus community how to respond to and prevent sexual violence.

DURATION: 45 minutes
AUDIENCE: Students, faculty, staff managers, supervisors in colleges & universities
REGULATIONS: Campus SaVE Act, Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, Cleary Act, and Title IX

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