US Workplace Harassment, 5th Edition

Syntrio’s harassment training builds upon the success of our popular harassment curriculum. Recent updates to the 2021 courses provide a positive approach to workplace harassment issues, reinforces an affirmative workplace culture around respectful conduct and addresses changing laws and regulations, including state training requirements and case law.

An enhanced learning approach distinguishes the 2021 courses and versions are available for language, state and manager/ non-manager requirements, and industry vertical configurations.

Affirmative and Constructive Voice
The new series is built on the theme of creating “a respectful workplace” and is exceedingly affirmative and constructive in tone. It features scenarios to engage learners and create compelling learning opportunities.

Recent Legal and Regulatory Requirements
All 2021 versions address recent legal and regulatory requirements and changes regarding gender identity and sexual orientation, and California and New York laws on standards pertaining to a hostile work environment.

Designed for a Range of Instruction
Training options are available to suit a wide variety of needs. The library includes instruction related to bystander awareness, harassment prevention (including civility and respect, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion) and workplace relationships, which vary based on the requirements of specific course versions. English and Latin American Spanish versions are also available.

Learner Selection

  • Allows an organization to roll out courses that adapt to each learner’s demographics (manager vs. non-manager, state, language) and includes learner certification

Multi-State Course

  • Covers needed state-required training to reduce the number of needed courses
  • 50-minute version (NY, IL, DE, ME manager/employee)
  • 60-minute version (CA employee, NY, IL, DE, ME manager/employee)
  • 120-minute version (CA manager/employee; CT manager/employee;
    ME, NY, IL, DE, and ME employee/manager)

State-Specific Course

  • California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and all other states and territories (based on federal law)
  • Manager and Employee versions available

Non-Required State Courses

  • 35-minute version for employees
  • 45-minute version with more scenarios for employees
  • 55-minute version for managers

Microlearning Modules

  • Specific modules available from the complete course

Industry Verticals

  • Industry versions are available for General Office, Healthcare, Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Municipal Government and College/University

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