Employment Discrimination: Maintaining a Fair Workplace

Everyone in the United States has the right to be treated fairly in employment. Equal employment opportunity laws exist to ensure that an organization’s employees can work unimpeded by improper bias that could affect their employment. This course addresses personal characteristics that are protected by law or an organization’s policy that may be improperly considered regarding employment conditions, such as recruitment, terms and conditions, and termination. This course explores how employment discrimination involves making employment decisions based on protected personal characteristics, and the need to ensure that managers do not make illegal or otherwise improper employment decisions. This course provides an overview of employment discrimination.

Course Objectives:

  • Appreciate the importance of fair employment practices and the consequences of employment discrimination.
  • Understand what are protected personal characteristics regarding employment discrimination.
  • Know which employment conditions related to these protected personal characteristics.
  • Understand a manager’s role in making fair, non-discriminatory employment decisions.
  • Understand each employee’s role in helping to promote fairness in employment practices.

Course Versions:

US Version
Audience: All employees and managers
Code: secu319
Time: 8 min

Global Version
Audience: All managers & supervisors
Code: secg320
Time: 8 min

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