Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Syntrio offers a series of highly customizable courses on a range of diversity, equity and inclusion topics.
These programs are intended to communicate organizational values and foster commitment to inclusive, ethical, and legal business practices.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

More Information – Contact Syntrio to learn more about implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training courses at your organization.

Ethics & Compliance Blog Posts

Retaliation Claims are on the Rise: How to Avoid Them

As reporting on suspected wrongdoing reaches historic highs, 2017 saw a 100 percent increase in retaliation claims. The 2018 Global Business Ethics Survey uncovered this shocking statistic. Driving the higher numbers are social and demographic trends, along with expanded employment laws at the state and federal levels that provide expanded protection of employees against retaliation. […]

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5 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Conflict

Workplace Conflict: An Inescapable Reality It’s no surprise that conflict is a regular and unpleasant reality in many workplaces. When a group of employees from various backgrounds and with different work styles is brought together to achieve a shared business goal, tensions are inevitable. Competing priorities, stressful deadlines, heavy workloads, and poor communication can cause […]

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