PCI DSS Introduction (Essentials)

This course covers an overview of PCI DSS, how to protect cardholder data, and steps that employees should follow for complying with PCI DSS requirements.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining PCI DSS
  • The key technology used by PCI DSS to protect payment cards – EMV chip, Card Identification, primary account numbers, CVV, and magnetic stripe
  • Differentiating between Card Present and Card Not Present transactions
  • Importance and benefits of protecting cardholder data
  • Consequences of non-compliance with PCI DSS
  • Typical vulnerabilities that can lead to data security breaches
  • Types of businesses and typical departments within businesses that need to comply with PCI DSS
  • Steps that employees should take to prevent credit card fraud
  • Steps that employees should take when a fraud occurs

Course Versions:

Audience: All employees
Code: GLS-5686
Time: 9 min

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