Leading a Secure Organization

While cybersecurity is now clearly the purview of the C-suite, the concepts are often foreign to business leaders, who may not know the right questions to ask their IT and cybersecurity professionals. Security has to start at the top, and the current threat landscape demands that senior leaders take ownership of the organization’s security posture and culture. The training draws on examples from the headlines and illustrates how management-level attention and decisions could have made the difference between a minor breach and a major one. The course is provided as a single program, or as individual modules that respect the busy schedules of your leadership team.

Topics Covered:

  • Common threats to corporate data security
  • Typical cybersecurity stakeholders in an organization
  • CEO accountability for cybersecurity
  • What organizational leaders should do to keep their devices and data safe including passwords/MFA, physical security, use of social media, travelling, and common social engineering attacks.
  • What organizational leaders should do to manage the organization’s cyber risk including understanding compliance requirements such as ISO, PCI, and HIPAA, recognizing control frameworks such as NIST, CIS, ISACA/COBIT, applying a risk management model and understanding elements of an incident response plan
  • How organizational leaders can implement a human firewall and a culture of security in their organization through strategic training and hiring practices

Course Versions:

Audience: All employees
Code: GLS-8149
Time: 32 min

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