Speak Up! Creating a Culture Where Raising Concerns Matters


Time and again, the whistleblower is in the crosshairs when bringing malfeasance to authority’s or the public’s attention: illegal polluting of water and air, unfair business practices, financial fraud, the #MeToo movement, political corruption, and so on. Yet, despite the enormous service that whistleblowers perform for organizations and society, they continue to come under attack. This idea of “shoot the messenger” first and ask questions later resurfaces time and again. The result: a lingering mindset among many to be careful of telling truth to power if you want to keep your job or avoid retribution. Unchecked, these violators break laws or policies repeatedly and in increasingly significant ways. Or others engage in misconduct because it’s tacitly excused. In short, we need whistleblowers—ready to voice concerns about questionable conduct.

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