The Importance of Speak Up Culture: Webinar Series

Recorded Webinar

The Role of Training in Speak Up Culture: Part One

A strong ethical culture requires that all staff are comfortable with raising concerns and managers are skilled with effectively receiving and responding to these concerns. This webinar addresses the importance of a “speak up” workplace culture where everyone is committed and encouraged to raise concerns about questionable conduct.

The Role of Compliance in Speak Up Culture: Part Two

Building and sustaining a “speak up” culture where employees feel empowered to raise concerns is not simply a “training” issue. In fact, training should be preceded by leadership’s efforts to build this culture, including implementation of specific systems that enable and support employees’ efforts to raise concerns. If businesses want their “speak up” training efforts to succeed, they need to take initial steps to “lead from the front” and put in place the infrastructure to support the training and employees’ efforts to raise concerns.

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