Post-Merger Ethical Culture Building Challenges, Opportunities & Lessons

Case Study

At this year’s SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute Event in September, Robert Locraft, Ethics Officer at Perspecta and Jason Lunday, Syntrio’s Chief Ethics Officer, took the stage to discuss how Perspecta, a large governnment contractor, created an ethics and compliance training program that unified multiple workforces post-merger.

If you missed the discussion at CEI, now is the time to download the case study which formed the basis of the presentation.

Download Case Study

The Challenges

How to build a new ethical company culture with unified corporate values from 3 separate companies as part of the new company launch.

The Solution

Using Syntrio's FlexCode to serve as the foundation of ethical conduct covering a common set of business practices in the new, unified Code of Conduct.

The Results

Perspecta brought to life their company values and initial culture setting at launch of the new company to 14,000 employees.

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