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New York City Department of Education Fails Miserably on Sexual Harassment Training

According to the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Annual Report on Compliance with Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Requirements, only 62% of NYC Department of Education employees completed their mandatory sexual harassment training requirement in 2022. This figure was the lowest among the roughly 100 City agencies surveyed and well below the still-abysmal [...]

New York State DOL Publishes Proposed Sexual Harassment Policy for All Employers

The New York State Department of Labor (“NYSDOL”) recently published proposed revisions to its Model Sexual Harassment Policy for All Employers in New York State. The revised document proposes several critical revisions to the model policy that has been in effect since 2018. Should the revisions be adopted, which is expected, employers would be required [...]

Shake Shack Agrees to Pay $20,000 Amid Gender Identity Harassment and Discrimination

According to a February 13, 2023 report in the SF Chronicle, fast food chain Shake Shack has voluntarily agreed to pay a former employee $20,000 following alleged gender identity harassment and failure to remedy the situation. The California Civil Rights Department investigated the individual’s claim and found incidents of purposeful use of incorrect pronouns and [...]

Black History Month…It Matters

Black History Month is upon us. Each February, this month honors the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout US history. The month was first designated in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African American leaders. Teams and organizations can recognize this important holiday in different ways. Regardless of how your organization celebrates, [...]

Are Your Micromanaging Tendencies Helpful or Out of Control?

Every leader wants to help the people on their team, but some get tripped up by assuming that more management is always better. Micromanaging a competent employee makes them feel dissatisfied and disheartened. Because harmful micromanagers tend to undervalue employees’ abilities and insights, the workplace feels less inclusive. Characteristics of Harmful Micromanagers A harmful micromanager [...]

Border Patrol Official Steps Down Amid Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

According to January 21, 2023, New York Times article, a senior United States Border Patrol official resigned from the agency following allegations of sexual misconduct toward women. An October 2022 investigation revealed the agent’s communications with women via government equipment were “inappropriate,” and details had allegedly been intentionally withheld from those investigating the incidents. Although [...]

Gaslighting and Bystander Intervention In the Workplace

In situations of workplace sexual or non-sexual harassment or bullying, the offender may attempt to make the targeted person believe they are somehow to blame or deserve the treatment. The offender accomplishes this through gaslighting. According to, gaslighting is “a form of emotional abuse or psychological manipulation involving distorting the truth and changing the [...]

French Court Awards Damages to Man Fired for Being “No Fun at Work”

At Syntrio, we promote a philosophy of openness and positive culture in creating hotlines and learning products. Indeed, when employees work in an environment where they are comfortable expressing concerns (and where leadership’s collective ears are open to doing something about those concerns), the potential for a quality culture exponentially increases. Only through attention to [...]

Damar Hamlin Injury Highlights Potential Change in NFL Philosophy Yet Leaves Players and Fans Wondering What Comes Next

Organizations spend a great deal of time investing in workplace culture, finding out what it is, and determining how to develop it best. When culture is put to the test in a crisis, how does the organization (and its members) respond? On January 2, 2023, a national television audience got to find out how the [...]

Inclusion and Belonging in a Speak Up and Listen Up Culture…It Matters

Inclusion creates a culture and environment where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.  Belonging is the feeling of security and support one gets when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity. Now more than ever, leaders give everyone in your organization a voice to speak up and be prepared to listen with [...]

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