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Chipotle Agrees to $400,000 Settlement and Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

90% of women working in fast food had been subjected to discrimination or harassment. Fast food giant Chipotle has agreed to conduct additional sexual harassment training as part of a $400,000 settlement it agreed to with three former employees at a Washington State location. According to the lawsuit, which was pending in the United States [...]

New York State Municipality Audited for Sexual Harassment Training Compliance

It is clear that mandatory sexual harassment training laws are not going away When discussing the topic of mandatory sexual harassment training with customers and prospects, a common question posed to Syntrio is “what will happen if our organization fails to complete the training?” Beyond the obvious practical implications of hard and soft costs of [...]

Creating Workplaces Older Employees Love

According to a report by global nonprofit Generations, surveyed managers perceive people 45 and older as less valuable hires, yet they speak very highly of those already in their organizations. How can we address misperceptions like these to develop workplaces where older employees thrive? Making the Case for Older Workers Why are Bank of America, [...]

Recent Supreme Court Case Could Impact your Organization’s DEI Program

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential for creating a successful and thriving workplace. Syntrio prides itself on championing diversity, equity, (and perhaps most importantly), inclusive thought within workplaces of all sizes. For more than twenty years, Syntrio has been an advocate for those organizations seeking to take their corporate education programs beyond mandatory harassment [...]

Chicago Clarifies the Scope of the City’s Harassment Training Law

When mandatory harassment training laws go into effect, there is always confusion and ambiguity about several aspects of the legislation. Many employers are left scrambling to meet with employment counsel to determine whether and how the new law(s) apply to them, and how they need to go about complying with often burdensome requirements. One such [...]

Quid Pro Quo Harassment – A Continuing Issue

Corrupt management can cause you to lose valuable talent Quid pro quo harassment is a dangerous form of workplace harassment that occurs when someone in a position of power over another (such as a manager or supervisor) directly or indirectly demands something (usually sexual favors) in exchange for some benefit (such as a raise, promotion [...]

Gender Identity and Pronouns…It Matters

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential for creating a successful and thriving workplace. Before figuring out how to use gender pronouns, it is important to understand that sex, gender and gender identity are different terms, although they are often used interchangeably.  Sex refers to a person’s biological status at birth and is usually assigned [...]

Are Your Managers Prepared to Build a Speak Up Culture?

How do you respond to employee concerns? A speak up culture is one in which employees feel comfortable speaking up about their concerns, ideas, and mistakes. This is essential for a healthy and productive workplace. When employees feel like they can't speak up, it can lead to problems such as safety hazards, decreased productivity, and [...]

Are Your Employees Prepared to Speak Up?

Do your employees know how to report misconduct? A recent survey found that 46% of employees do not speak up after observing misconduct. This is a serious problem, as it can lead to several negative consequences, including: Increased risk of safety hazards Decreased productivity Damage to the company's reputation Increased employee turnover There are a [...]

The Link Between Psychological Safety and Speaking Up

How do you measure the effectiveness of your "Speak Up" efforts? In today's workplace, it is more important than ever for employees to feel comfortable speaking up. When employees feel safe sharing their ideas, asking questions, and raising concerns, it can lead to a number of benefits for businesses, including increased innovation, improved decision-making, reduced [...]

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