Speak Up (Healthcare Version)

Ethical Snapshot Video

Stepping Up: The Importance of Bystander Intervention

Discover the power and importance of bystander intervention, the role of bystanders in preventing harm, and the benefits of bystander awareness and training programs. Bystander intervention is taking action to prevent or stop a situation where someone is at risk of harm or where harm is being inflicted upon them. It is essential to preventing [...]

Build Inclusive Leaders and Demonstrate a Commitment to a Healthy Workplace

Over the past month, Syntrio has been fortunate to partner with a forward-thinking organization in a series of workshops intended to create an environment of inclusion through learning and growth. Our client is clearly committed to the success and sustainability of its talent and seeks to demonstrate its commitment in a group setting. While this [...]

Fostering a Speak Up, Listen Up Culture: 5 Strategies to Empower Change in Ethics and Compliance

Maintaining a robust ethical culture and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards is crucial for any organization's long-term success. Unfortunately, negative perceptions of ethics and compliance can undermine trust and hinder progress. However, by actively addressing these perceptions, organizations can create positive change and foster a culture of integrity.  1. Transparency and Communication  Transparency is [...]

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