COVID-19 Support Assets

A viral pandemic has been causing businesses and other organizations to close offices and encourage staff to work from home. These organizations are grappling with ways to implement work-from-home arrangements and maintain productivity during stressful times.

These assets are here to support your organization during these unprecedented times.

Training Bundle

Working Remotely & Virus Prevention

Supervising Remote Employees

This course provides tips for maximizing the productivity of your remote employees through effective supervision.

Work Habits for Remote Employees

In this course, you’ll explore the work habits used by successful remote workers.

Virus Protection

COVID-19 is disrupting the world. It is dramatically altering how people live, interact and do business. Share this video across your organization to ease some of their worry.

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Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

The 4 P's of Creating an Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

If working from home has come as a surprise, you may not be set up with a formal workspace.

This infographic highlights 4 key things to remember to find the best, most ergonomic solution for the time being.

Exercises to Support an Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

Whether you are working in the office or remote, stretching and alternating your position is considered a best practice.

This infographic highlights stretches and exercises that can be done at your desk and throughout the workday to help you remain focused.

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Recorded Webinar

A viral pandemic has been leading businesses and other organizations to close offices and encourage staff to work from home. These organizations are grappling with ways to implement work-from-home arrangements and maintain productivity during stressful times.

This webinar explored interesting issues to help organizations make effective decisions while much of their workforce may be home-based for the coming weeks.

COVID-19 Related Blog Posts

‘Tis the season for business owners and executives to think about what gifts to give to vendors, top clients or customers, and employees.

As of November 2, 2020, at least seventeen states have a regulation or recommendation that employers conduct training for some or all of their workforce on COVID-19 protocol.

Virginia has enacted a detailed set of regulations called an “Emergency Temporary Standard” aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 that include significant training obligations for many Virginia employers.

Infographic and downloadable pdf to share with your employees on how to create a safe workspace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The federal government and each state is providing guidance about how businesses and consumers can re-enter public life more safely, given that any level of interactions can still create some risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus.

A poor culture often goes hand in hand with ethical misconduct.

This article will address in more depth the equal employment opportunity (“EEO”) issues you must consider when determining which employees to bring back after furlough or layoff and which employees may present challenges should the need arise to have another reduction in workforce in the immediate future.

As employers reopen following the COVID-19 quarantine, an employer faces several challenges to trip up or opportunities to distinguish it from its peers Employers need to pay attention to policies and practices that affect their employees’ work conditions to smoothen the return-to-work process As we approach mid-May 2020 the economic shutdown has gone on for […]

Preparing and Managing for Organizational Uncertainty The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted us. We face uncertainty about our work and personal lives. We’re unsure of what headlines and authorities to believe and trust. We don’t know when we should go back to work, begin shopping, start dining out, or again socialize. We don’t know whether it’s […]

The percentage of full-time employees working from home because of COVID-19 closures increased from 33% to 61% in just a few weeks, according to Gallup polls. The sudden shift to remote work has been a significant adjustment, and not just for employees. CEOs, senior leaders, managers, and team leads are facing new stresses and increasingly […]

What are the biggest weaknesses in home-office security and what steps can employers and employees take to avoid phishing attempts and cyberattacks.

By March 23, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had ground the economy nearly to a halt, people were (and still are) terrified.

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