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Sexual Harassment Training for the Modern Employer

Sexual harassment training is no longer a choice for employers, nor is it something that can merely be completed for compliance with mandatory harassment training laws. In recent years, it has become difficult to avoid media coverage of the impact of sexual harassment on workplace culture. Since the advent of the #MeToo movement in 2018, employees have felt more empowered than ever to speak up about toxic masculinity and offensive behavior in the workplace.

Sexual harassment training also positively impacts improving organizational culture. At Syntrio, we set the industry standard for developing sexual harassment training products that not only comply with the law but have an actual impact on the workforce. Syntrio’s sexual harassment training exceeds compliance with mandatory sexual harassment training laws in states such as California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Delaware, Maine, New York, Washington D.C., Washington, and others.

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State-Mandated Training Laws

Several states have enacted mandatory training laws that require employers to provide sexual harassment training to their managers and employees. Click on each state to learn more about Syntrio’s sexual harassment training products dedicated to exceeding compliance with mandatory training laws in each state. You will also learn about the requirements in that particular jurisdiction.

Click here for an interactive map providing further information on states with mandatory sexual harassment training requirements.

State-Mandated Training Laws in Specific Industries

Eight states (Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin) have issued official recommendations directing employers to conduct regular sexual harassment training sessions. In addition to California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York’s requirement(s) that most employees receive regular sexual harassment training, Washington and Washington D.C. have mandatory sexual harassment training requirements for employees in specific industries. Additionally, at least two U.S. territories (U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) have mandatory sexual harassment training requirements. Finally, ten states (Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah) require public-sector employees to receive training on preventing sexual harassment.

The Multi-State Employer Dilemma

Given that 24 states have either an official recommendation for employers to provide sexual harassment training or a requirement that employers do so, those organizations with employees working in multiple states are frequently left at a loss for what to do to comply with the complicated harassment training requirements in each jurisdiction. Syntrio realizes that there is often no “one-size-fits-all” approach and that every employer is different. Therefore, we have developed various sexual harassment training products to meet the needs of every type of employer.

Syntrio Provides Consistency in its Sexual Harassment Training

Syntrio understands that employers seek to provide consistent training to their entire workforce, regardless of whether their employees are working in a jurisdiction with a recommendation or requirement for sexual harassment training. For this reason, we have developed an innovative “learner selection model” that allows users to select the state(s) they work in. The training provided is then compliant with the sexual harassment content requirements they are subject to, and the employer verifies the correct selections. This method allows employers to offer one sexual harassment training course tailored to the specific needs of the entire workforce, whether they work in one or many jurisdictions.

Syntrio also understands the sexual harassment training needs of those employers who operate wholly within one jurisdiction or want their employees to take dedicated sexual harassment training courses in the several states they may work. Therefore, Syntrio has dedicated versions of its sexual harassment training courseware for each state with a mandatory sexual harassment training requirement (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York). Syntrio has also developed versions of its courseware for those employers who operate wholly within a jurisdiction without a mandatory requirement. Syntrio provides sexual harassment training products with different run times to efficiently provide the material to the workforce.

Syntrio’s Sexual Harassment Training Products are Up to Date & Cutting Edge

In addition to immediate updates to Syntrio’s sexual harassment training products when there is a change in the law, we strive to keep our sexual harassment courses fresh by creating a new version almost every year (if not sooner). By structuring your organization’s sexual harassment training program so that learners never take the same sexual harassment training twice, Syntrio believes learners will be more engaged in the curriculum and more receptive to the time spent on the training. This method aligns with Syntrio’s philosophy that sexual harassment training must go beyond compliance and progress toward improving workplace culture.

Practical Sexual Harassment Training Improves Organizational Culture

When choosing a provider for sexual harassment training, Syntrio knows you have many choices. Syntrio became the industry leader in online sexual harassment training by being different. We believe sexual harassment training needs to go beyond compliance and into the culture. For this reason, our sexual harassment training aligns with Syntrio’s overall philosophy of a “Speak Up” and “Listen Up” culture that empowers your workforce to report concerns as they arise. Research has proven that a workforce knowledgeable about sexual harassment and unafraid to report incidents is more engaged and loyal to the organization and far more likely to follow the organization’s policies, thereby reducing the risk of incidents of sexual harassment. We cordially invite you to see why Syntrio’s sexual harassment training products differ from the routine and can significantly assist you in your quest for a healthy workplace culture built on civility, respect, and diversity in backgrounds and points of view.

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