Events: DEI, Harassment Compliance, Respectful Workplace Cultures, and Reporting Hotlines

Presented by industry experts and practitioners, our webinars focus on key topics and trends affecting today’s modern workplace.

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Past Events

Recorded Webinar

Harassment Prevention Insights for a Healthy Workplace

Speakers: Jonathan Gonzalez

Recorded Webinar

Accelerate Your DEI Journey

Speakers: Tammy Bryant, Jonathan Gonzalez

Recorded Webinar

Launching the Lighthouse Whistleblower Hotline Across Europe

Recorded Webinar

Emerging Issues in Workplace Harassment

Recorded Webinar

Building a Healthy Workplace Culture

Recorded Webinar

State of Employee Hotlines & Experience Platforms

Recorded Webinar

Employee Resource Groups

Recorded Webinar

Emerging Issues in DEI

Speakers:  Jason Lunday, Aurora Realin

Recorded Webinar

Driving Performance with Your Speak Up Culture

Speakers: Casey Ohst, Patrick Cooper

Recorded Webinar

Harassment Prevention: Where Do We Go From Here?

Recorded Webinar

Getting Started with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Speakers: Jason Lunday, Jonathan Gonzalez

Recorded Webinar

Creating a Civil and Respectful Workplace

Speakers: Ann Florkowski, Jonathan Gonzalez

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