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Understand the True Cost of Harassment.

Syntrio Essential Guide Preventing Workplace Harassment

Essential Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment

Despite many harassment reports filed with administrative agencies, many employees complain about the inability of most preventive training to hold learners’ attention. As a result, these employees are skeptical of the effectiveness of training in changing workplace culture, reducing lawsuits, or both. Further, many employers see harassment training as expensive and arduous. Many more have yet to get beyond the “check-the-box” mentality to appreciate the actual costs of failing to mount an effective response to stop improper behavior.

Research provides some compelling insights into the actual costs of harassment. Reading this guide will explain the high price associated with failing to take appropriate action to reduce the likelihood of an incident and mitigate it when one occurs. The findings reveal that any company’s leadership should be mindful of these often hidden costs when making decisions about efforts to address workplace harassment.

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