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Why Choose Syntrio

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Syntrio offers online courses to help you identify and address Unconscious Bias, Cultural and Racial Sensitivities, and Employee Discrimination in the workplace.

Manage Risk. Empower Culture. Accelerate Performance.

Manage Risk.

Our diversity and inclusion training addresses the risk of liability to both the organization and the manager if they fail to stop  intentional or unintentional disrespectful behavior or personally engage in it.

Accelerate Performance.

Our diversity and inclusion training helps employees foster a culture of inclusion to prevent the negative impacts of bullying, threatening or abusive behaviors.

Empower Culture.

Our diversity and inclusion training helps employees recognize and value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees.

What Your Employees Will Learn:

  • Define what workplace diversity and inclusion means.

  • Discuss the value that a more diverse and inclusive workplace can offer an organization.
  • Provide examples of the ways that a diversity of characteristics, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can increase an organization’s success.
  • Discuss the importance that a sense of belonging offers all employees and especially those with characteristics outside of the mainstream. 
  • Explain the stereotypes and biases that one brings into work and how these can fuel microaggressions that harm a respectful workplace. 
  • Identify the ways that workplace diversity and inclusion are advanced through specific behaviors that leaders and employees take.

Syntrio Clients


For over 20 years, more than 6000 organizations have relied on Syntrio's knowledge, experience, and support to deliver compliance solutions to manage organizational risk, empower a winning company culture, and accelerate the performance of employees and the business.

Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs designed to fit your organization.

Foundation Learning
Comprehensive eLearning training on diversity & inclusion that is over 10 minutes in duration. 

Shorter eLearning training, under 10 minutes in duration, used to introduce, reinforce, or review diversity & inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion & You
Complete with real-world scenarios, interactives, tips and takeaways, this powerful eLearning course is designed to strengthen both diversity awareness and inclusive practices within your organization. Suitable for employees and managers at any level of the organization, this course discusses how diversity affects you and the people you work with, the business case for diversity and inclusion as they affect your company's bottom line, and the laws that surround this topic.
Duration: 45 minutes

Unconscious Bias & You
This course will feature interactive modules and dramatized scenarios to provide employees of all levels with a definitive understanding to see more of the real world around us by being open to new people and experiences. This course illustrates how bias effects even the smallest messages such as our body language, tone and cadence which ironically can have the BIGGEST impact on how our messages are received by others.   
Duration: 45 minutes

Success Through Inclusion
This high-impact program serves as a great follow up to Diversity, Inclusion, & You by taking the key learning points around Diversity and teaching the user how to apply it to the business using Inclusion. Users will come away with applicable action items and learn best-practices for truly incorporating inclusive behavior into their work style.
Duration: 45 minutes

Valuing Diversity
In order to realize the greatest competitive advantage and retain the most qualified employees, companies must make an effort to ensure that a diverse population of employees is fully represented and that a culture of inclusion and respect is promoted and maintained. The employee version explores the realities of working in a diverse environment and discusses strategies to help you recognize, accept, and value individual differences in your workplace. The manager version discusses the advantages and pitfalls of working in and managing a diverse workforce. It also offers strategies to help managers recognize and value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees.
Duration: 30 or 40 minutes       

Valuing Differences for Mutual Success
This course provides an overview of key elements of promoting workplace diversity and inclusion, including business activities that should be involved. It also addresses individuals’ backgrounds, experiences and other characteristics that help comprise a diverse workforce.
Duration: 3 or 8 minutes

Sensitivity to Racial Identity
This training explores the challenges with racial injustice and inequality, their causes, and the solutions that individuals, and particularly those with influence, can take to increase awareness and create change regarding this problem.
Duration: 4 or 8 minutes

Sensitivity to Social Identity
This training explores the challenges with social identity injustice and inequality, their causes, and the solutions that individuals, and particularly those with influence, can take to increase awareness and create change regarding this problem.
Duration: 4 or 8 minutes

Ethical Snapshots
Short videos used to reinforce the topic of diversity & inclusion that are under 2 minutes long and can be used in a variety of ways.

Training Options Available

Manage Diversity & Grow
In this short video, learn how to avoid discrimination against protected classes.
Duration: 3 minutes

The Value of Diversity
This course explores how you can ensure diversity within your organization.
Duration: 5 minutes

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
This course offers insight into the differences that exist and how to change how you view diversity.
Duration: 4 minutes

Respect - Overview
Duration: 1:29 minutes

Racial Injustice & Inequality Overview
Shown at left
This Ethical Snapshot addresses the problems of injustices and inequalities against racial groups and the roots of these injustices and inequalities. It addresses how individuals, no matter their identity, can take steps to recognize the problem, educate oneself regarding it and take actions to make a difference. 
Duration: 2 minutes