Build Trust With Our Digital Suggestion Box

Deploying an independent, anonymous digital suggestion box is the best way to ensure that you get real, candid, anonymous feedback about employee engagement.

Provide Greater Levels of
Employee Engagement Today!

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Capture Real, Candid, Anonymous Employee Feedback

A digital suggestion box is an excellent tool that empowers employees to Speak Up! with suggestions, comments, and even compliments. Since a digital suggestion box complements your compliance hotline, the only information Syntrio needs to set up your service is your report recipients’ email addresses and (we recommend) a tagline best to communicate the value of this additional communication channel.

Employees can make suggestions from any device, including their mobile phones, often capturing content right in the moment of inspiration. And, since it’s built within our secure compliance hotline infrastructure, every suggestion is as secure as a more formal report.

We support promoting your digital suggestion box through traditional posters and wallet cards, in your employee newsletters, and in other communication channels like Slack, Teams, etc. You can also encourage suggestions by including a link in your Employee Handbook.

Clients and customers can make suggestions, too. Many of our customers have found that a suggestion box is popular among customers, as it can quickly improve customer (and employee!) satisfaction.

Get Truthful and Accurate Employee Feedback.

Instantly Collect Anonymous Feedback From Employees and Management with Our Online Digital Suggestion Box.

Digital Suggestion Box Features

Receive Input

Encourage actionable employee input to improve work processes and efficiency.

Build Team Spirit

Create a sense of ownership among your employees, build camaraderie and team spirit.

Employee Satisfaction

Provide greater levels of staff engagement and drive increased levels of employee job satisfaction.

Be Informed

Keeps a finger on the pulse of the wants and needs of your employees.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction through better service.

Integrate with Your Hotline

Snap it into your Syntrio Lighthouse Hotline to extend the benefits.

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