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Ethics & Compliance Training Courses

Syntrio’s Ethics & Compliance courses communicate organizational values and foster your commitment to ethical and legal business practices. Whether you choose popular courses to address bribery and corruption, a civil and respectful workplace, a Speak-Up culture, or want to develop a complete code of conduct and curriculum, our library has what you need.

A robust code of conduct offers real value to an organization. Developing and sustaining such a code depends on a broad-based, managed process that includes attention to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and other vital considerations. With a bit of foresight and focus, an organization can develop a new code or enhance an existing code to reap numerous benefits.

An organization’s code of conduct serves as the principal statement regarding how an organization conducts its business and embodies the standards that it sets for itself. Chief among these standards are the ethics and compliance risks that an organization seeks to prevent, detect and mitigate should a violation occur. Many organizations make their codes available to outside stakeholders, and they are used to set expectations for business partners.

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Promoting a solid culture that leads to better results is not a check box exercise but a continuous effort that requires purpose-built solutions, such as Syntrio FlexCode, to engage employees and encourage constant growth and feedback.

Syntrio FlexCode is highly configurable and allows for a tailored experience without the hassle of building a custom course, enabling you to engage employees and encourage continuous growth and feedback while eliminating the need for a time-consuming annual project.

FlexCode’s modular, scalable, customizable structure permits you to tailor a course to your specific needs, so the training best resonates with employees and effectively represents your code of conduct. Course modules may also be standalone for ongoing microlearning that reinforces key concepts.

You can leverage more than 100 Syntrio modules and your custom content.

Ethics & Compliance Course Categories

Bribery: Recognizing and Avoiding Improper Business Incentives

Gifts and Entertainment
Gifts, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Ethics and Code of Conduct
Ethics and Code of Conduct for Colleges and Universities
Ethics and Code of Conduct for Government Contractors
Syntrio FlexCode

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of Interest: Properly Managing Work and Personal Interests

Avoiding Antitrust Violations
Business Fraud: Avoiding Deceptive Business Practices
Fair Competition: Maintaining Proper Marketplace Practices

Anti-Money Laundering
Financial Integrity: Ensuring that Numbers Tell the Truth


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain


  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals
  • Human Trafficking: Introduction
  • Human Trafficking: The Business Context
  • Human Trafficking: The Supply Chain

Avoiding Insider Trading Risk
Inside Information and Insider Trading: Building Trust with the Marketplace

Properly Managing Cross-Border Business
Introduction to Export Compliance
International Trade Essentials

California Consumer Privacy Act: Responsibly Managing Personal Information
Data Privacy: Managing the Security and Proper Use of Personal Information
Employee Privacy: Balancing a Manager’s Right to Know
U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Working with Third Parties: Partnering Responsibly for Shared Advantage

Business Resources: Responsibly Managing an Organization’s Assets
A Civil and Respectful Workplace: Building a Strong, Affirmative Culture
Business Ethics: Sustaining a Responsible Organization
Employee Core Competencies: Addressing Ethics & Compliance at Work
Manager Core Competencies: Managing Ethics & Compliance at Work
Responding to Ethics Complaints
Intellectual Property Essentials
Non-Public Information: Carefully Handling a Critical Business Resource
Resolving Ethical Issues
Social Media at Work
Speak Up! Doing Right by Raising Concerns

Troublesome Tony
Gifts and Entertainment
Always Generous Anna
Fair Play
Improper Payments
Cindy’s Confidential Project
Shipping Strife
Oscar’s Busy Day
Network Down
The Transparency Test
No One Will Notice
John’s Dilemma
Tina’s Dilemma
Working for Leon
Designer Sister
Improper Payments
Leaving Early
An Invitation
A Pen in the Hand
A Thank You Gift
The Party List
Closing the Deal
Importance of Speaking Up
Reporting Concerns
How to Report Concerns
Social & Political Issues at Work
Speak Up!

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