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Employment Law & Harassment Training Courses

Syntrio’s employment law library meets mandatory training requirements, official recommendations from state and local governments, industry-specific requirements, and the now-ubiquitous harassment training needs and goals of all companies in the United States and abroad. Working in conjunction with a wide array of other employment law- and compliance-focused education products and communication tools, our harassment products not only exceed the requirements of the laws but also set the industry standard.

Syntrio’s eLearning and communications offerings have incorporated guidance from agencies that enforce equal employment opportunity laws (such as the EEOC) and other federal and state regulations. Syntrio’s EEO curriculum includes (but is not limited to) courses for various topics, from discrimination and retaliation to diversity, equity and inclusion, workplace civility, and respect. The library includes courses to empower employees and managers to speak up about concerns and listen when a complaint is received.

Recent course updates reinforce an affirmative workplace culture around respectful conduct and address changing laws and regulations, including state training requirements and case law. Options are available to suit various needs, and versions are available for languages, state and manager/non-manager requirements, and industries, including General Office, Healthcare, Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Municipal Government, and Higher Education.

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Several states have enacted legal requirements for workplace harassment prevention training. Syntrio’s 50-state compliance course enables organizations to meet all state and federal requirements for training and is available in multiple formats, including online, mobile-enabled, and instructor-led.

The series is built on creating “a respectful workplace” and is affirmative and constructive in tone. It features contemporary scenarios to engage learners and create compelling learning opportunities. Courses address current legal and regulatory requirements and changes regarding gender identity and sexual orientation, and all other changes to harassment laws. Scenarios have also been refreshed to reflect the current work environment (including remote work), and the overall feel of the courseware has been modernized and prepared for the near future.

Training options are available to suit a wide variety of needs. Syntrio’s employment law library includes instruction on bystander awareness, harassment prevention (including civility and respect, conflict resolution, diversity, equity & inclusion), and workplace relationships.

Syntrio FlexCode Course option includes a modular structure that permits you to tailor a course to your specific needs while eliminating the time and expense of a custom course. FlexCourse is highly configurable, and you can leverage dozens of Syntrio learning modules to engage employees and encourage continuous growth and feedback. It’s a flexible and efficient path to strengthen your culture, improve compliance and drive performance.

Employment Law & Harassment Course Categories

Meal & Rest Break Training
Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Wage & Hour Basics
Avoiding Wrongful Termination
Employee Discipline

Employment Discrimination: Maintaining a Fair Workplace
Employment Discrimination: Sex
Employment Discrimination: Race, Color, and National Origin
Employment Discrimination: Religion
Employment Discrimination: Age
Employment Discrimination: Disability
Employment Discrimination: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Creating a Bully-Free Workplace

Festival Time
The Job Interview
Up or Out
Unpleasant News
An Open Position

US Workplace Harassment 5th Edition
Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Preventing Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to a Respectful Work Culture
California Preventing Workplace Harassment
Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
Delaware Preventing Sexual Harassment
Illinois Preventing Sexual Workplace Harassment
Maine Preventing Sexual Harassment
New York Preventing Sexual Harassment
Campus Aware: Sexual Violence Prevention
Harassment: Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
Preventing Unlawful Harassment for Colleges and Universities
Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment for Federal Agencies
Multi-Jurisdiction Preventing Workplace Harassment
Canada Harassment and Violence at Work

The Viral Email
Jack and Dani Went Up a Hill
Third-Party Harassment
Making a Complaint
Making a Complaint 2
The Panda
Talking Sports
Unexpected Consequences
An Open Position
Workplace Disrespect?
A Very Important Client
A Very Important Client (B)
A Very Important Client (C)
Social Tony
Too Close for Comfort (A)
Too Close for Comfort (B)
Workplace Harassment
Sexual Harassment

Legal Aspects of Interviewing and Hiring

Preventing Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace

Rocking the Boat

Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Good Practices in Conducting Investigations
Assisting with Investigations for Managers

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