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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Online Training Courses

Syntrio’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs communicate organizational values and foster commitment to inclusive, ethical, and legal business practices. We inevitably increase performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction by tying diversity to business strategy. DE&I represents a tremendous source of strength if we learn to use our differences to our advantage.

Diversity is more than recognizing differences between race and gender. Acknowledge and include your coworkers’ differences to create a more productive workplace for everyone. There is a significant difference between “valuing diversity” and having the skills to collaborate effectively with a diverse group of people.

Your culture will improve if your leaders are transparent and your workforce and marketplace support your DE&I goals. People will want to work with you, and studies show dramatically improved loyalty patterns associated with feeling understood, respected, and included. Your team will be more engaged by positive changes, and you’ll attract a more diverse customer base.

Let Syntrio help you with your DE&I journey. Whether you need help launching or relaunching your initiative or engaging your workforce through training and communications.

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DE&I Course Categories

Valuing Diversity
The Value of Diversity
Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
Manager Diversity and Grow
Introduction to Workplace Diversity
Introduction to Workplace Equity
Introduction to Workplace Inclusion
Introduction to Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employee Essentials
Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing Differences for Mutual Success

Sensitivity to Racial Identity
Sensitivity to Social Identity

Supporting Racial Identity Justice and Equality in the Workplace
Supporting Social Identity Justice and Equality in the Workplace
An Introduction to Unconscious Bias
Understanding Bias and Avoiding Common Mistakes
Micro-Behaviors and Other Messages
DE&I in Conversations
Empathy and Allyship
Month In Diversity Series

Respect: Overview
Racial Injustice & Inequality: The Time is Now
Social and Political Issues at Work
Workplace Diversity: Beyond the Numbers
Workplace Inclusion: Two Workplaces
Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (A) The Challenge
Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (B) Pay Attention
Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (C) Educate Yourself
Racial Identity Injustice & Inequality: (D) Take Action
Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (A) The Challenge
Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (B) Pay Attention
Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (C) Educate Yourself
Social Identity Injustice & Inequality: (D) Take Action

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