Cybersecurity Training Course Library

Syntrio’s cybersecurity courses protect your organization, help you pass an audit, and provide your employees with a security mindset.


Cybersecurity Training Courses

Syntrio’s cybersecurity library includes a wide array of interactive and engaging training courses that help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, pass your audits, prevent breaches, and instill employees with a lasting security mindset.

The library includes microlearning and foundational learning titles that address cybersecurity basics, phishing, web browsing, social media networking, general data protection regulation (GDPR), privacy, PCI DSS, and securing information at the office. Special courses are also available for leading and managing a secure organization.

Cybersecurity Course Categories

Avoiding Phishing Message Threats

Anti-Phishing Essentials

Avoiding Spear Phishing Threats

Browsing the Web Securely

Cyber Security Basics

Cyber Security: Securing Technology from Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security at Home

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security for Kids

Cybersecurity Beyond the Workplace: Security on the Go

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Essentials

Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

Safeguarding Your Office Network

Introduction to PCI DSS

PCI DSS Introduction (Essentials)

PCI DSS For Retail

Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

Leading a Secure Organization

Leading a Secure Organization: Your Data and Devices

Leading a Secure Organization: Organizational Cyber Risk

Leading a Secure Organization: The Human Firewall

Safe Social Networking

Securing Information at the Office

Securing Information During Travel

Securing Information in the Cloud

Securing Your Mobile Devices

Securing Your Work at Home

Setting Up a Secure Password

Working Securely in Public Places

Securing Your Work at Home

Security Awareness Essentials Challenge

Security Awareness Challenge: Challenge for Education

Security Short: Individual Responsibility

Security Short: Insider Threat

Security Short: Phishing Emails

Security Short: Ransomware

Security Short: Smishing

Security Short: Social Engineering in Social Networking

Security Short: Social Media

Security Short: The Human Firewall

Security Short: Vishing

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