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We’re #1 in Comprehensive Ethics Hotlines

Thanks to recent advancements in our comprehensive ethics hotline services, you can have a vibrant and compliant culture.

We’re #1 today because our new hotline learning offering Activates your Speak Up! culture, Enables your managers, and continuously Validates your program. – More than 6,000 customers agree.

We care about our customers, and they’ve chosen Syntrio because our comprehensive hotline services are easy to use and affordable for everyone – often 30% less than legacy providers – and we’re constantly innovating with advancements like hotline learning.

Syntrio’s World-Class Ethics and Whistleblower Hotline Services

Syntrio CONNECTS a leading ethics “whistleblower” hotline solution for organizations of all sizes.  

CONNECTS is an innovative, secure, and scalable ethics hotline solution that meets your most robust culture and compliance standards. It’s available in Standard and Enterprise editions.

We help our customers set up practical ethics reporting programs. Confidential whistleblower hotline services bring together people with something to say and those who need to hear it.

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Syntrio Lighthouse Hotline

Secure High-Value Comprehensive Hotline Reporting

An effective ethics hotline program improves accountability and creates a civil and respectful workplace environment. High-performing – characteristics that we strongly believe are part of the foundation for sustainable long-term success. The best programs limit the duration and cost of misconduct, reduce reputation risk and promote employee engagement.

We have a lot of satisfied customers who care about workplace ethics and safety, and we help them create responsible organizations. We are committed to delivering superior products, services, and security. Our platform is scalable and resilient, and we constantly work to improve it.

Data Security and Privacy Protection are a Top Priority

Syntrio CONNECTS Hotline Services’ domestic and international 24-hour reporting hotlines and value-added features are ideal for all types and sizes of businesses and meet all regulatory compliance reporting obligations (SOX, GDPR, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, AODA).

Security is a first-tier priority at Syntrio, as we understand the incredibly sensitive nature of information hosted on our servers. Syntrio CONNECTS has been chosen time and time again by customers with the most stringent security validation protocols, including major banks, healthcare organizations, and governments.

How We Ensure Your Security

Tier 3 Data Centers

Keeping data exclusively on dedicated servers in Tier 3 data centers and cloud providers

Network Intrusion Protection

Providing dedicated real-time network intrusion protection, monitored 24/7

Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data in real-time to a geographically diverse disaster recovery site via a dedicated encrypted link

Unauthorized Access Protection

Having default system and password protocols which guard against unauthorized access

Military-Grade Technology

Incorporating 256-bit military-grade web security and database encryption technology

SSL Certificate

Using an extended validation SSL certificate with 4,096-bit key encryption technology at our servers

New! Anonymous Employee Hotline Buyer Checklist

Empower Your Employees with Trusted, Secure, and Scalable Ethics Hotline Solutions

It’s easy to get started! Implementing an anonymous employee reporting hotline service doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Make it easy! Please take advantage of our experience.

Our buyer checklist outlines the features to consider when evaluating and selecting an anonymous employee ethic hotline, including:

· Reporting options
· Security and resilience
· Regulatory compliance
· Analytics and support

Enabling Your Culture
of Compliance, Ethics, and Integrity is Our Passion

  • Manufacturers and suppliers 
  • Healthcare services 
  • Hospitals and physician clinics 
  • Business services 
  • Financial services and insurance 
  • Accounting and professional services 
  • Retailers and mall operators 
  • Technology and media firms 
  • Universities and colleges 
  • Government agencies and municipalities 
  • Lottery and gaming corporations 
  • Energy and mining companies 
  • Construction firms 
  • Consumer services 
  • Transportation and more! 

We have built our reputation for delivering a robust solution with outstanding customer service. Our customers are happy with our services, and many new customers come to us through referrals.

Comprehensive Reporting Hotline with Syntrio CONNECTS

Syntrio’s CONNECTS platform allows employees and other stakeholders to anonymously report incidents of wrongdoing and share their suggestions for improvement. The platform is secure and easy to use.


An employee or stakeholder submits a report anonymously using one of seven reporting methods. 

Syntrio connects hotline step 1


Reviewers in your organization are notified immediately via email. They sign into the secure case management system to view and manage the report and respond to the employee. 


Using the secure Report ID and password they received when submitting the report, employees log into the system or call the hotline to communicate with Reviewers anonymously. 


Reviewers obtain the information they need to investigate and resolve incidents by using CONNECTS as a safe, secure, and anonymous communication channel. 

Syntrios’ Difference is the Solution that is Right for You –  Comprehensive Ethics Hotline for Employees

More than 6,000 customers trust Syntrio to handle their ethics employee hotline needs.
Organizations of all sizes and industries have chosen us for our best-in-class features, including:

  CONNECTS Standard  CONNECTS Enterprise 
Standard Features 
Flexible Anonymous Incident Reporting Options  
Follow-the-Sun 24-Hour Support 
Efficient Report Processing and Maintenance 
Certified and Confidential Multilingual Operators 
Worry-Free System Security and Resilience 
Special Regulatory Compliance Features 
Standard and Advanced Customization Options 
Communication Tools and Training 
Real-Time Analytics and Audit Support 
Safe and Secure Report History 
Complete Customer Success and Satisfaction 
Enterprise Features     
Multiple Reporting Portals and Pathways   
Multiple Organizations Feeding Your System   
Complex Organizational Hierarchy Support   
Advanced System Workflows and Integrations   
Unlimited Flexfields to Meet Your Exact Needs   
Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Options   
Advanced Security and Resilience Features   
Advanced Regulatory Compliance Features   

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