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Syntrio Connects Anonymous Reporting Hotlines

World-Class Whistleblower Hotline and Confidential Digital Suggestion Box

  • Provides Human Resources, Ethics, and Compliance Personnel with the Ability to Handle Reports Appropriately.
  • Includes Robust Analytics and Reporting for Internal and Regulatory Compliance Needs.
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  • Employee Anonymous Hotline and Confidential Digital Suggestion Box Services Can be Available in Hours.
  • Launch with a Complete Suite of Employee Communication Tools.
Syntrio CONNECTS Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline confidential Digital Suggestion box

 Let Your Culture Shine with these Simple Yet Powerful Tools. You’ll Wonder Why You’ve Waited.

  • Click, Chat, Call or Fax 365 Days a Year, Worldwide.
  • Certified Advisory Specialists, Confidential Report Processors, and Multilingual Services.
  • The Customer Success Team is Fully Multilingual.
  • Confidential Reporting Hotline Services Enable Employees, Vendors, and Customers to Report Fraud, Abuse, Ethics, Compliance, and Human Resource Violations.

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Proven 24-Hour Anonymous Ethics Hotline and Confidential Digital Suggestion Box

Worldwide Access to Hotline Reporting
24-Hour Worldwide Access

We are at your service on every continent whenever you or your employees need us.

Easy Customization

Snap-in a turnkey solution or customize and go. The choice is yours, and we’re always at your side.

Flexible Contact Options

Employees choose from six contact methods: web, fax, mail, email, text, and toll-free telephone.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliant with all significant regulation and privacy legislation, AODA, GDPR, and SOC 1 and 2.

Multi-Language Services

Representatives are available in English and Spanish and 140+ languages with interpreter services.

Quick Implementation

Setup occurs in a few hours and includes a program guide and supporting materials.

Communication Tools

A complete package of employee communication tools is available, including posters and wallet cards.

Secure and Resilient

Supports the highest architecture and data standards, including ISO 27001 and Protected B.

Real-Time Information

Receive real-time access to incident reports and easy-to-understand summaries of each incident.

Trusted Independence

Independent third-party hotline services enable employees to feel safer when filing reports.

Report History

All reports and supporting data are permanently retained and easily retrieved.

Certified Operators

Professionally trained and accustomed to dealing with caller concerns. There is never a need to feel intimidated.

Secure Anonymous Reporting Hotline and HR Case Management System

Why Customers Choose Syntrio CONNECTS for Unique Benefits

Security is a first-tier priority at Syntrio, as we understand the incredibly sensitive information hosted on our servers. Syntrio CONNECTS is continuously chosen time and time again by customers. These customers have the most stringent security validation protocols, including major banks, healthcare organizations, and governments.

Ensuring awareness of your risks and exposures has never been more important, so customers choose Syntrio to:

• Ensure the integrity of financial reporting, accounting, and operational data
• Monitor for compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures
• Provide whistleblower protection – anonymity
• Guard against unethical conduct and conflicts of interest
• Limit fraud and theft
• Enhance data security and privacy
• Prevent harm to people, environment, and property
• Uncover hidden organizational issues
• Promote suggestions for improvement
• Obtain questions before town hall meetings
• Provide feedback on specific questions posed by management

Syntrio CONNECTS Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline

Anonymous Ethics Hotline and Employee Relations Solutions

Worldwide Access Wherever Your Employees Live and Work

Syntrio Connects Anonymous Reporting Hotline & Digital Suggestion Box
Locally Compliant

Our employee anonymous reporting hotline program fully integrates and complies with country-specific protocols and laws around the globe.

Ease of Communication

We support 140+ languages and localized web submission forms are included at no additional cost.


Employees provide a toll-free number, eliminating long-distance phone charges, as well as localized web submission forms.

Privacy Protection

We adhere to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework developed by the Department of Commerce with the European Commission.

New! Anonymous Employee Hotline Buyer Checklist

Empower Your Employees with Trusted, Secure, and Scalable Ethics Reporting Solutions

It’s easy to get started! Implementing an anonymous employee reporting hotline service doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Make it easy! Please take advantage of our experience.

Our buyer checklist outlines the features to consider when evaluating and selecting an anonymous employee reporting hotline, including:

· Reporting options
· Security and resilience
· Regulatory compliance
· Analytics and support

Build vs. Buy

Considerations for Your Employee Whistleblower Hotline and Ethics Reporting System

Build a strong and sustainable culture that consistently drives the innovation, customer service, and overall performance you need to compete today.

Employee anonymous reporting hotline, ethics reporting systems, and employee experience platform solutions enable your employers to collect feedback and tap into their capabilities to drive performance.

Should you build an internal employee hotline and ethics reporting system? Or do you partner with a trusted, independent provider?

We provide answers in our document, Build vs. Buy Considerations for Your Employee Hotline and Ethics Reporting System. We’ve outlined the top considerations when you are deciding whether to “build or buy” an ethics reporting system.

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