Working Remotely

Microlearning for Managers: Supervising Remote Employees

Microlearning for Employees: Work Habits of Remote Employees

Ethical Snapshot Video: Virus Prevention

Training Bundle

Working Remotely & Virus Prevention

Supervising Remote Employees

This course provides tips for maximizing the productivity of your remote employees through effective supervision.

Work Habits for Remote Employees

In this course, you’ll explore the work habits used by successful remote workers.

Virus Protection

COVID-19 is disrupting the world. It is dramatically altering how people live, interact and do business. Share this video across your organization to ease some of their worry.

How To Use This Training Bundle

The HTML format of these training courses will allow for easy use at your organization.


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Define how you want to notify your employees of this training (via email, intranet, company portal, LMS, etc.)


Release these training courses to your employees and reinforce your commitment to your employees during this time.

Free Training Bundle – Working Remotely and Virus Prevention

Ethical Snapshot Video: Virus Prevention

This short, flexible, video-based snippets serve a variety of different purposes.
Introduce Topic

Familiarize employees with the topic of virus prevention at the workplace.

Timely Refresh

Remind employees of policies on cleanliness and virus prevention.

Microlearning Training

Use the videos as standalone training, either individually or as part of a series.

Support Training

Bolster foundational training and strengthen employees’ retention of what they learned.

Where To Use Ethical Snapshot Video

The flexibility of Ethical Snapshots makes them highly adaptable for implementation in a variety of ways.
Show During Meetings

Introduce and present the videos during company- or department-wide meetings to ensure you have a captive audience.

Send via Email

Include link to the video in company- or department-wide emails as part of a communication campaign on the topic.

Display on Screens

Play video on central, informative display screens around the building such as lobby, hallway or cafeteria.

Post on Intranet

Place in login screen or prominent location of company intranet for increased visibility and improved chance of viewing.

Embed in Policy

Place the snapshot or a link to it directly within your organization's policy on the topic.

Add to Training

Use video during Instructor-Led Training or as a microlearning training course to view on existing learning management system.

Free Training Download – Remind employees of recommended best practices to stay healthy.