Working Remotely

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4 mins | Supervising Remote Employees

7 mins | Work Habits for Remote Employees

Additionally, we have included an Ethical Snapshot video to provide instruction on virus prevention. Links to the video are below:

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Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

The 4 P's of Creating an Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

If working from home has come as a surprise, you may not be set up with a formal workspace.

This infographic highlights 4 key things to remember to find the best, most ergonomic solution for the time being.

Exercises to Support an Ergonomic Home Office Workspace

Whether you are working in the office or remote, stretching and alternating your position is considered a best practice.

This infographic highlights stretches and exercises that can be done at your desk and throughout the workday to help you remain focused.

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Recorded Webinar

A viral pandemic has been leading businesses and other organizations to close offices and encourage staff to work from home. These organizations are grappling with ways to implement work-from-home arrangements and maintain productivity during stressful times.

This webinar explored interesting issues to help organizations make effective decisions while much of their workforce may be home-based for the coming weeks.

COVID-19 Related Blog Posts

Virginia has recently amended its “Final Permanent Standard” for COVID-19 health and safety requirements. The new changes went into effect on October 8, 2021 and apply to anyone with employees in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and anyone doing business within the Commonwealth. This means that employers with temporary employees and/or potentially contractors within that jurisdiction [...]
The past year has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging in history for employers. Between attempting to keep workforces employed, to balancing the books, to keeping customers and clients safe and healthy, businesses of all sizes have faced one challenge after another. When remote work became near universal in many industries, some employers began [...]
The pandemics worsening effect on already undervalued women An Unequal Pandemic, Recession, and Return to the Worksite The COVID-19 pandemic left far more American women struggling, unemployed, or experiencing burnout than men. Due primarily to the demands for childcare in the wake of mass and protracted school closings, more than 800,000 women left the workforce [...]
Should Employers Encourage or Mandate Vaccination? With 46% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of June 2021, formal guidance around vaccinations and the workplace lag behind everyone's eagerness for a "return to normal." Whether employers can (and, more importantly, should) require vaccinations for in-person workers brings up a tangle of ethical and legal issues, [...]

‘Tis the season for business owners and executives to think about what gifts to give to vendors, top clients or customers, and employees.

As of November 2, 2020, at least seventeen states have a regulation or recommendation that employers conduct training for some or all of their workforce on COVID-19 protocol.

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