Silencing the Lambs: Weighing the Legal Cost of Confidentiality Requirements During Harassment Investigations

Recently we have been fielding questions from clients concerned with protecting their reputation in the midst of a harassment investigation. Specifically, when a company receives a complaint of workplace harassment they often want the matter to be kept as quiet as possible, so as to avoid the rash of bad publicity caused by the ubiquitous […]

Wells Fargo Sales Abuses and Decentralization

Shearman & Sterling’s April 2017 “Sales Practices Investigations Report” for Wells Fargo’s independent directors addressed numerous deficiencies, one of which was the bank’s decentralized structure. The investigation identified the autonomy provided to each business unit as a major factor in the sales abuse scandal. These findings offer rich insights for companies in how ethics and […]

The Three C’s of Safety

The Three C’s of Safety The word safety does not contain the letter “C;” however, the results of a workplace safety initiative likely rest on three simple words not normally associated with safety programs: “Commitment, Communication, and Consistency.” After 20 years in the occupational safety industry, and having conducted thousands of consultation visits, I have […]

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