Syntrio Releases New, Learner-Centric Microlearning Courses

Syntrio Releases New, Learner-Centric Microlearning Courses

Syntrio has long been a leader in providing compliance, employment law, health and safety, and business skills courses to the training markets. Now, Syntrio is releasing 198 new microlearning courses that answer the need for brief, concise, media-rich online training focusing on specific skill topics. These microlearning courses complement Syntrio’s traditional online courses that provide a more comprehensive exploration of a skill topic. For instance, while traditional courses run from 30 to 40 minutes each, the microlearning courses amount to two to five minutes each. The brevity of the latter allows learners to use microlearning for initial training, refresher training, or just-in-time training. Managers, supervisors, and coaches also can use microlearning for on-the-job reference and individual or group discussion.

Most of the new courses augment Syntrio’s Business Skills Library, answering the need of more and more organizations for expansive soft skill training on such categories as leadership, managing people, communication, interpersonal relations, self-management, and functional areas such as customer service, human resources, and sales.

Why the demand for business skills training? The average organization is 50% as productive as it should be, thanks to less-than-optimal leadership practices. (Source:–here-are-8-stats-that-prove-it-) Companies encounter trouble when, for example, they cannot provide employees with a strong clarity of purpose, when managers cannot help employees connect their efforts with the organization’s goals, and when employees themselves feel they’re simply “clogs in a wheel.” In organizations worldwide, the lack of interpersonal and self-management skills ruins relationships, damages reputations, and compromises business revenues. It elongates the time for new hires to acclimate to business life and forces many great performers to take their skills and experience elsewhere out of disgust over poor management and inefficient business practices.

Studies support the need for engaging business skills training. Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills (it listed communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence), while only 15% of job success comes from technical skills. And yet The Wall Street Journal reports that 89% executives indicate difficulty finding talent with soft skills.

Organizations committed to effective business skills training enjoy improved leadership and management skills, and a business’s leaders and managers more effectively promote the goals, set the tone, provide the resources, and build cohesive teams to optimize business performance. With better self-management, communication and interpersonal relations competencies, employees heighten their own performance for increased value to the business. This is why Syntrio is proud to announce this substantial addition to its training libraries.

Jason has worked in ethics and compliance for over twenty-five years, consulting with Fortune 500™ companies across the business ethics and compliance spectrum, including assessing and strengthening corporate values initiatives, instituting leadership engagement efforts, developing and revising codes of conduct and policies, designing and implementing related procedures, developing monitoring systems, conducting risk, culture and program assessments.

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